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Dusty defences

Last time we found out that the fungus of Leafcutter ants can be pretty weak against diseases. This can cause big problems for the ants, because they are completely dependent on the fungus for their food. Unfortunately for them, a parasitic … Continue reading

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Species spotlight: Amazon ants (Polyergus)

As we’ve established by now, some ant species enslave other ants. However, while for some species slavery is optional, other species completely depend on their slaves to survive. On first sight, Amazon ants look like any other ant. However, on closer inspection, … Continue reading

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Ant steps

Ants are almost everywhere on our planet, even the hot and barren desert. And one of the ants that live there is appropriately called the Desert Ant (Cataglyphis fortis). These ants are very well adapted to this harsh environment. Food … Continue reading

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Ant aristocracy

In ants, colonies are normally headed by one or several queens. The workers themselves are sterile and they do lots of different work. When they are young, they take care of the brood. However, when they get older, they take … Continue reading

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