During my studies and scientific career, there has always been one thing that annoyed me. Most people have no clue what exactly I am doing, and this problem can’t be solved by simply handing them my published papers. Scientific papers are often riddled with scientific jargon, can be quite lengthy, and require some knowledge on the subject. In short, there’s a gap between scientists and ‘the general public’.

However, in my experience, many people are interested in hearing about scientific developments, and especially love hearing about cool things that happen in nature (and a lot of cool things DO happen there).

My goal with this blog is presenting new scientific discoveries in a way that is understandable for everyone. I’ll be focusing mostly on ants, but I’ll be touching on other subjects as well. At the moment it’s a written blog, but I might try out other means at some point as well (unfortunately I’m horrible at animating). The name antyscience stems from the fact that it’s about ants science, explained in a ‘non-scientific’ way. So don’t go out thinking I’m anti-science!

I hope you enjoy this blog, regardless of whether you’re a scientist or not! Suggestions, critique and questions are very welcome!



Small disclaimer: I’m very much thankful to Alex Wild who gave me permission to use his incredible pictures for this blog. I try to use my own as much as possible, but considering he has pictures of many species around the world I’ll have to revert to his ones quite often. Check out his amazing gallery at www.alexanderwild.com, and his blog at www.myrmecos.net. Whenever a picture is his, I’ll write it underneath the picture so you know.

2 Responses to About

  1. Ellen Joosten says:

    Neef, supercool dit! Niet alleen interessant en ‘antyscience’ geschreven, maar ook nog leuk om te lezen!

  2. Robbie Troy says:

    I am looking to share links and affiliate with my forum and your site
    if possible?
    Here is my forum- http://www.world-of-myrmecology.freeforums.net
    Please visit and have a look around!
    Thanks & regards,

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