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Book Review: Ant Encounters

Title: Ant Encounters – Interaction networks and colony behavior Writer: Deborah M. Gordon Publisher: Princeton University Press Deborah Gordon is well known for her studies on the harvester ant Pogonomyrmex (see for example this blog-post). She is very interested in … Continue reading

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Ant steps

Ants are almost everywhere on our planet, even the hot and barren desert. And one of the ants that live there is appropriately called the Desert Ant (Cataglyphis fortis). These ants are very well adapted to this harsh environment. Food … Continue reading

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Species Spotlight: Thaumatomyrmex

Hi! My name is Thaumatomyrmex atrox. I’m a very pretty ant from South America. People can’t help but wonder why I have these magnificent mandibles, so let me tell you! I live on a very specialized diet of polyxenid millipedes. … Continue reading

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