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Uh oh…I’m starting to look like fruit!

Remember the gliding ant Cephalotes? This ant lives in tropical forests in South America. They eat many things, one of them being bird-poop. However, it turns out that the eating of this poop carries some risks with it! In it, … Continue reading

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Something else Sunday: Too much noise…time to sing higher!

Everyone who has been in a major city knows how much noise it can produce. Trucks and cars roaring by, planes flying over, people calling on their phones…and so on. All this ruckus creates lots of noise, which is generally … Continue reading

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Species Spotlight: Cephalotes

Meet Cephalotes, also known as the gliding ant. Notice the weird shape of the head? Well, it looks weird for a reason! These ants use their heads for gliding, just like flying squirrels use the skin between their legs for … Continue reading

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