Science: Beauty of the Ant

During my Ph.D.-studies, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the so-called ‘Ant Course’. This is a course on ant taxonomy, and it was in Borneo that year. The course is organized by Dr. Brian Fisher, a curator at the California Acadamy of Sciences, who made the wonderful website called Antweb.

On this site, he tries to make hi-res pictures of every known ant species in the world (around 15000). This is a colossal effort of course, but the website is not only extremely helpful, but also great fun to just browse through, as there are many many weird looking ants in the world. See for example this beauty. You can even check it per region, so you can find out which ants live in your country!

A recent video on ScienceFriday shows some of these beautiful ants, including a commentary by Brian Fisher himself. Definitely worth checking out!If you’re interested, there are a couple of fun interviews with Brian Fisher, where he tells about his adventures while ant-collecting here.

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